When it comes to modern style homes, trends can change at a moment’s notice. Therefore, to stay up to date on what’s hot and what’s not, you must stay abreast of the latest in home décor tailored to those with an affinity for modern style. Modern décor isn’t just about color and furniture, as texture, fabrics, and sustainability are more important now than ever before in assembling the perfect modern styled home.

If you’re looking to buy home décor, there’s no reason that you have break the bank to keep up with modern design trends. In fact, there are plenty of affordable home décor stores that can help you stay on top of the latest trends in modern home design. Home décor shops in Hoschton, GA, can help you find the perfect components and colors to bring your modern décor dreams to life. Keep reading to learn about a few of the current trends in modern homes this season.


Color could be considered the most powerful element in any design. It can transform a space quickly and make a tremendous impact on your overall décor. Jewel tones and bright colors came into vogue last year while the stark, monochromatic Scandinavian style receded in popularity markedly. That trend continues, as many modern designers are relying on bold pops of color to define spaces while using whites and blacks sparingly as an accent to a more vivid palette. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the colors must be neon in nature, however. Look for muted shades of yellow, purple, orange, and red to become more common in modern homes this year. Those tones add character and energy while still complementing the simplicity of muted modern design.

Textures and Patterns

While modern style is generally characterized by its no-frills, simplistic design devoid of great textural intricacy, that trend seems to be changing significantly. Textures are now being incorporated in modern décor prolifically through fabrics, tiles, and flooring. Fabrics such as corduroy are becoming more common on furniture, and tin interior wall cladding is increasing in popularity. Likewise, patterns are becoming increasing edgy within the modern aesthetic. Bold geometric patterns that splice colors together aggressively are becoming the norm in modern design. The Memphis school of design is taking over the modern aesthetic, and you can expect a continued departure from traditional design cues as décor gravitates in the direction of Memphis-inspired patterns.


As is the case with the bold, bright patterns seen in this year’s hottest designs, the Memphis influence carries over to furnishings as well. Abstract pieces are hot right now, and they are being used as statement pieces that can anchor this eclectic new trend in modern design. Chunky, asymmetrical furnishings with matte or muted finishes are a significant part of the current trend, and that will continue as the Memphis look continues to dominate.

Cotton mill interiors Natural elements


With a new focus on sustainability and the melding of indoor and outdoor décor, modern designs are also incorporating more natural elements than ever before. This involves a new movement that extends the design elements found inside a home into the surrounding living area outdoors as well as the inclusion of more plants and natural elements inside the home. There is also a desire to use natural elements that are sustainable and create a minimal impact on the environment, which is something that hasn’t previously been a factor in modern design.

If you want to stay up to date with modern home décor trends, incorporate some of the design elements mentioned above. By utilizing jewel tones, bold patterns and textures, and a natural aesthetic both inside and out, you can craft a modern décor masterpiece in your own residence. To learn more about current hot design trends, visit Cotton Mill Interiors at 21 Cobb St., Jefferson, GA 30549 or call (706) 367-8089.