With the focus on colors in your home’s décor, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the impact that the color white can make in an interior design plan. White can function in many ways alongside other design elements, as it can be used to provide a foil for bright colors or serve a blank canvas for your design. White makes an excellent color choice when selecting furniture and home décor.

Despite its usefulness in interior design, many shy away from white furnishings when selecting home décor furniture in Hoschton, GA, because of the perceived maintenance and upkeep required to keep it looking nice. However, with proper care, white furniture can serve you well and confer an air of clarity and sophistication on your interior design. Read on for a few ideas for reviving your living space with white furniture.

White in the Bedroom

White pairs well with the aesthetic of many bedroom spaces because it conveys a bright ambiance while visually expanding the space. If your bedroom is on the small side, using a white palette complete with white furnishings can make it appear larger. White furniture used alongside white walls and other décor elements can also create an atmosphere of light that is pleasing in the bedroom space. While all-white decors in the bedroom are increasing in popularity, many also use the white as a canvas while accentuating small pops of color to draw the eye to desirable elements or tie together other design components. There are many material options that pair well with white for bedroom furnishings including metal, leather, composite, and wood.

White Furniture in the Living Room

The thought of white furnishings in the heavily used living room space can be terrifying for some, since few pieces of furniture in the home absorb more wear and tear than the sofa and loveseat. However, with quality furnishings and preventive maintenance measures such as regular cleaning, you need not fear white furniture. After all, the benefits of white décor in the living room can be transformative.

Home décor furniture Living Room

All-white living rooms anchored with white furniture can be magnificent and can transform a dark and baroque space into a rejuvenated venue of light and openness. They can expand the room and brighten the atmosphere, and furnishings provide a structural foundation upon which an all-white room can be built. Even if you aren’t going for a monochrome living area, white furniture can still be useful in developing the décor of your living room or den. If the other tones in your living room shade dark, white furnishings can make for the perfect contrast that can amplify other design elements and create additional character. If you already have splashes of bright color in your living room, white furnishings can highlight them and draw them out, conveying energy and life.

White Furniture in the Dining Room and Kitchen

White furniture in the dining room and kitchen has become more popular as of late due to two recently trending design schools, namely Scandinavian design and farmhouse design. Both styles are known to incorporate white tables, with modern designers relishing smooth, clean lines and white glossy finishes while farmhouse chic combines whitewashed, rough-hewn tables with chunky, substantial bases. While these two styles may be at opposite ends of the design spectrum in practice, both can implement white dining room and kitchen furnishings to meet their desired aesthetics.

If you’re planning to purchase furniture in the future, don’t neglect to consider the impact that white furnishings can make on your living spaces. White furniture can help expand rooms, introduce light, and convey an airy atmosphere that will be inviting and charming. To learn more about the impact that white furnishings can make on your interior décor, contact Cotton Mill Interiors at (706) 367-8089.