Are you in the mood to refurbish your bedroom with stylish accessories? Wall décor plays an important role in shaping your bedroom. Decorating bedroom walls is about finding stylish items that complement the overall design theme. You’ll find charming wall décor at affordable home decor stores in Jefferson, GA.

Wall Art Gallery

To create a design focus for the bedroom, emphasize a main wall in the room. The wall above the bed is often the central attraction, and gives you the perfect canvas to showcase beautiful wall art. Arrange beautiful paintings in tasteful colors and designs to emphasize this central wall. You’ll find interesting wall paintings detailing pretty landscapes or showcasing floral or abstract patterns. A large-sized piece of wall art like a vividly painted geometric pattern is perfect for creating a statement. For delightfully charming bedroom décor, opt for a series of small-sized art pieces with floral or nature-inspired designs, and arrange them aesthetically.

Bedroom wall is also the perfect spot to hang art pieces featuring quotes about love, family, and togetherness. A large framed quote adds a stylish touch to your bedroom.

Geometric Wall Décor

Homeowners and interior designers are loving the contemporary décor theme for bedrooms. This design theme focuses on minimalist accessories with a metallic or neutral color palette. Geometric wall décor is the perfect accessory to enhance the contemporary décor style. Wall accessories in abstract shapes or geometric patterns with metal accents look ultra-stylish. Opt for matte-finished décor items in metal accents to create the perfectly understated yet stylish look for your bedroom.

Cozy Wall Décor

Your bedroom is the coziest spot in your home, and your wall décor can enhance its relaxed vibes! Wall décor made with soft fabrics can add warmth to the ambiance. A soft-knit wall hanging in pretty pastels is just right to create a warm and welcoming bedroom. You can also use crotchet pieces to create attractive wall décor, giving your bedroom a comforting vibe.

Wall Decor

Rustic Wall Décor

Rustic or country-inspired décor is a trending style for homeowners who love an organic-looking bedroom. Rustic bedroom décor is characterized with a neutral color palate and accessories made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, straw, wicker. This décor style gives you the chance of creating unique wall décor. Printed wooden tiles in earthy tones add a subtly colorful touch to rustic bedroom. Arrange beautifully-designed wooden or porcelain tiles on bedroom walls to match the rustic décor style. Opt for elegantly-designed candle holders in wood or wicker to add the perfect decorative touch to your bedroom walls.

Bedroom walls give you the perfect backdrop to add more style and personality to your bedroom. Visit Cotton Mill Interiors to shop for trendy and affordable wall décor items to pep up your bedroom design.