Best home design is all in the details. If one small thing is off, it can change the look of the whole room. By keeping a few fundamental design guidelines in mind when shopping, you can elevate your space to the next level. Keep reading below to learn more about the most common home design mistakes people make and how you can prevent them.

Considering the Size of the Space

One of the most common home design mistakes people make has to do with the scale of the items they are purchasing. Buying things that are either too big or too small for the room can quickly make the space look either too cluttered or too sparse. Always keep the measurements of the room and the item in mind while shopping.

Only Buying Trendy Pieces

When looking for home decor items on sale in Hoschton, GA, get a mix of classic and trendy pieces. Trends are fleeting; they come and go very quickly. If you only choose décor accents that fit the current trends, your place will look outdated in just a few years. Instead, look for big pieces that have a simple and classic style. Then, you can use smaller trendy pieces to dress up your place. Since the fashionable items are smaller, they will be less expensive and easier to switch up when the trends change.

Selecting Wrong Sized Rugs

Choosing the right size rug for your room is essential. When used in a small room, rugs can pull a place together and make them look more cohesive. However, when you choose a rug that is too large, it can actually make your room feel smaller and more cluttered than it is. Be sure to measure your room before going shopping. Think about the size of the seating area in the room and choose a rug that is the same size.

Area Rug

Incorporating Lighting

Another common design mistake people make is using the wrong lighting for their space. Typically, people use the incorrect temperature bulb, over-light, or under-light their rooms. One easy way to improve the lighting in your home is by installing a dimmer switch. These switches are simple to install on your own without needing to hire an electrician. You can also make use of the natural light in the room by focusing on window treatments that allow the sun to shine through.

Hanging Art Too High

Often, people hang their art pieces at the wrong height. They place their pieces either too low or, more frequently, too high. Ideally, art should be hung at eye level, which is about 5’ 3” to 5’ 8” off of the floor. The best way to determine where to hang your new pieces is by using your own eye line to measure.

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