There is no better time to enjoy the great outdoors than in the summer. But how can you relax with your friends and family in your yard without a beautiful backyard space? Having a great outdoor space is a must when the warm temperatures arrive, so you and your family can lounge in style. Keep reading to discover the latest trends in outdoor home décor that you should include in your patio design.

Earthy Hues

This year, it seems more and more furniture and decorative accents have been taking their inspiration from nature. The same is true for outdoor design; nature-inspired colors are all the rage for patio décor. When browsing the best home decor stores in Hoschton, GA, stick to a color scheme of natural colors like greens, blues, soft grays, and burnt orange.

Low-Slung Seating

When it comes to outdoor seating, comfort is the name of the game. In recent months, there has been a large movement towards low-slung sofas and chairs, which embody coziness and relaxation. Low seating is ideal chilling outdoors on lazy days. For an added dose of style, look for cushions in contrasting textures, patterns, and styles.

Modern Natural

Contemporary pieces made of natural materials are a big hit this season in outdoor décor. Incorporate elements like wood, concrete, and stone into furniture and accent pieces with clean lines and sleek curves. Most people want their outdoor space to feel like a tranquil oasis, which is precisely why nature-inspired pieces are so popular.

Matte Black Metal Finishes

The industrial aesthetic will continue to grow this summer, but with a modern twist, as can be seen in some of the most popular outdoor patio décors. Watch out for neutral-colored pieces with matte finishes, especially in black. The neutral matte finishes provide the perfect background for some of the bolder, more vibrant pieces that are also trending this season. These pieces will tie together and anchor the whole design of your outdoor space.

Backyard Furniture

Assorted Metal Accents

In stark contrast to nature-inspired pieces, metal accents are also having a moment this summer. Unique combinations of different metals, like brushed nickel and polished chrome, will be used to create one-of-a-kind pieces for your backyard. From small accents to pieces of furniture, metal styles will be everywhere.

Bold Statement Pieces

One trend you will see everywhere this season is vibrant and bold colors and statement pieces. Bright colors and unique fabric designs, like geometric patterns, can bring your backyard design to the next level. With the widespread prevalence of nature as an inspiration, you can expect to see a lot of bold, nature-themed prints. Be on the lookout of fabrics with global-inspired designs and warm colors, too. Just be sure to balance your bold prints with plenty of neutral accents.

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