Your bedroom should be your happy place as well as your quiet place. It's the room you retreat to when you need to get some sleep and the room you head to when you want some peace and relaxation.

 What can you do to make your bedroom even more tranquil and peaceful? Add some houseplants. Houseplants, whether they are real or artificial, are a great way to add affordable home decor in Hoschton, GA. Learn more about the benefits of putting a plant or two in your bedroom, as well as the best plants for your space.

Bedroom Plants Help to Purify the Air

There's a rumor going around that claims that it's a bad idea to put houseplants in the bedroom, as plants emit carbon dioxide at night (just like people). The concern is that the carbon dioxide released by bedroom plants could potentially suffocate you while you sleep.

 Luckily, that's just a rumor. Putting houseplants in your bedroom is perfectly safe. Plants respire at a rate that's much slower than humans, so the amount of carbon dioxide they release is minimal.

The truth is that plants in your bedroom are likely to have a beneficial effect on the air in the room. Many houseplants absorb harmful chemicals from the air and have a purifying effect. Put a few plants in your room and you might find yourself breathing a bit easier.

Plants Add a Decorative Touch

Another benefit of houseplants in the bedroom is that they add a touch of modern, affordable home décor. Plants come in a range of colors and styles, from bright green spiky plants to purple-leaved trailing vines. Whatever look you're going for in your room, you're sure to find a plant to match.

Bedroom Plants Can Be Calming

You retreat to your bedroom at night when it's time to unwind and relax. It's a place where you can forget about your cares of the day and feel truly at ease. Guess what? An assortment of plants in your bedroom can help to increase those feelings of tranquility and calm. Spending time in nature has been shown to help people feel more at ease and less stressed. One way to bring nature to your home is to put plants in your bedroom.

Best Plants for Your Bedroom

The plants that are right for your bedroom depend on the type of conditions you can provide and how much attention you want to give the plants. Snake plants (also called Mother-in-Law's Tongue) and ZZ Plants are perfect for beginners. Both can thrive in low light conditions and can go weeks without being watered. They also do a good job cleaning the air in your room.

 If your bedroom gets plenty of light, aloe vera can be a great choice for your nightstand. Like the ZZ Plant and Snake Plant, aloe vera can go weeks without being watered. You can also cut a piece off of it and use the jelly inside its leaves as a moisturizer in a pinch.

Brick Wall Room

Other good plant picks for a bedroom include Spider Plants, which can survive with a bit a neglect and also help to purify the air, as well as Areca or Parlor Palms.

 If you're looking for a plant that produces flowers, choose the Peace Lily. It's another air purifying plant that does well with limited light and infrequent watering. If you do want it to flower, try to place it as close to a bedroom window as possible

Don't Have a Green Thumb? Try Artificial Plants

Wishing you could get the look of plants, without the care requirements? If you're positive that no plant will survive under your care, you're not out of luck. Today's artificial plants often look so much like the real thing, few people can tell the difference. You'll miss out on the air-purifying benefits of the real deal, but will still get to enjoy the good looks and calming effects of having plants in your bedroom.

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