If you’re a nature lover, here’s good news for you: you can easily blend your love for greenery by opting for botanical themed bedroom décor. Botany is an area of science that focuses on all parts of plants. Fresh and vibrant yet tranquil and soothing, greenery-based bedroom design is all about creating a harmony of nature-inspired décor elements. Discount home decor stores in Jefferson, GA, like Cotton Mill Interiors, have a wide selection of décor items that can be used to create the perfect botanical design scheme for your bedroom.

A plant-based décor theme can incorporate real plants or accessories that include plant designs. If you’re looking to bring this soothing décor palette to your bedroom, this article has a wealth of great ideas. Read on to find interesting decoration tips to create bedroom décor that’s inspired by the beauty of trees and plants.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants create an aura of beauty and calm, and purify the air in your bedroom. Popular indoor plants such as Peace Lily, English Ivy, or a Snake Plant in beautifully decorated ceramic or earthen pots are the best décor accessories for botanical themed bedroom décor. Home décor stores stock pots and urns in trendy designs and varied colors, so you can choose the ones that best suit the overall décor of your bedroom.

Wall Art

Wall art featuring plants, leaves, or flowers are ideal accessories for a botanical themed bedroom. Choose wall art that complements your wall paint colors. For example, if you have beige walls, wall art with lime green will bring a pop of energy and color. If you have silver or gray walls, opt for wall art with vividly colored flowers. You can also make DIY wall art using dried leaves and flowers. 

Orange Flowers


Decorative wallpaper is an excellent way to bring the great outdoors to your bedroom. Wallpaper with images of nature or nature-inspired designs can bring a touch of natural beauty to the bedroom without being too literal.

Botanical Bedding

Floral bedding accessories are trending. Comforters or quilts in bright colored floral patterns add the perfect pop of color and vibrancy to your bedroom décor. If you prefer softer colors for your bedding, opt for shades of pastel green. You’ll also find duvet covers and comforters with designs reminiscent of leaves, branches, and ferns. Adding throw pillows with designs and colors inspired by plants and flowers is a great way to highlight your bed.

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