When you think of leather furniture, what comes to mind? You might envision an elegant living room with a leather couch and loveseat or picture a fancy, high-end country club full of leather seating.

Plenty of people shy away from leather furniture because they think that it's hard to care for or that it's out of their budget. The truth is, leather furniture can work for anyone. Before you head out to look for leather seating at your local home furniture store, learn the facts about leather furniture.

Myth: Leather Furniture Is High Maintenance

At first glance, leather furniture can look like it's going to be difficult to care for. People worry about possible stains and spills. The truth is, leather furniture can be fairly low maintenance. You can keep your furniture clean by dusting it with a soft cloth every so often or by vacuuming it with a brush attachment. 

If you do happen to spill something on your leather furniture, act quickly to make cleaning as easy as possible. Usually, wiping the spill up with a soft cloth will be sufficient. When it comes to cleaning leather, less is more. Don't use any harsh cleaner or detergents to clean up the spill.

To keep leather furniture looking sharp for years to come, it's a good idea to condition it every six months to one year. Typically all you need to do is rub a conditioning product made for leather into the furniture.

Myth: Leather Furniture Isn't Pet Friendly

People with pets often worry about buying leather furniture because they're scared their furry friend will ruin it. The reality is that leather is one of the most pet-proof and pet-friendly materials you can choose for your furniture.

If you're particularly concerned about the possibility of damage to your couch from your pets, you can always look for sealed and treated leather furniture. Sealed furniture has a special coating on it that acts as an extra layer of protection against pets.

Myth: Leather Furniture Gets Too Hot/Cold

If you've ever climbed into a hot car on a summer's day and had the leather upholstery on the driver's or passenger's seat burn your legs, then you might expect that a leather couch would get just as hot in the summer. But the conditions inside a car and inside your home are a lot different. Cars can heat up to well over 120 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot day. The interior of your home most likely never gets that hot. Even if you put your leather furniture right in front of the sunniest window in your home, it's not likely to get as hot as the seat inside of a car.

Leather Couch

The truth is that leather seating inside a home tends to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature. Leather is a breathable material, so it can actually help to keep you cool in the heat of summer. In the winter, the material will warm up around you thanks to your body heat, creating a comfortable place to curl up with a blanket and a book.

Myth: Leather Furniture Is Always Expensive

When people think "leather," they often think "fancy" and when they think "fancy," they think "expensive." But leather furniture can be an affordable option -- you just have to look in the right places.

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