They're some of the most classic and common decorative pieces in any home: mirrors. From small decorative mirrors to functional bathroom and closet mirrors, a great piece will add several important features to any room.

 Not only are they practical and useful for checking your appearance, they also have some unexpected benefits everywhere you place them. Mirrors bounce natural light through a room for a cozy sunlit space, make rooms appear larger via the optical illusion of extending the walls behind the mirror, and even add contrasting materials like metal and glass to rooms that may only have wooden and upholstered furniture. You can even use mirrors to serve unique functions, like reflecting a beautiful outdoor view, accentuating the architectural features of a room, and more.

 Basically, mirrors are very important. However, not just any mirror will do. Here are some tips for selecting the best mirror from the best home decor store near you.

Select the Shape

Mirrors come in all kinds of shapes, not just rectangles and circles. The best home decor shops should sell mirrors of various shapes and designs so you have the versatility to find what's right for your home.

 Long, wide mirrors have the benefits of widening the appearance of a wall, while a tall, ovular, or rectangular mirror will make the eye travel upward and make a room look taller. Right angles on square mirrors have a more formal look, while rounded mirrors have a more casual and playful personality.

Select the Size

Mirrors, like most home decor products, also come in a variety of sizes. Plan to find a mirror of a certain size to have different effects in a room. For instance, a small mirror adds great decorative contrast, while a medium-sized mirror can provide a background for other decor. A large, oversized mirror can act as a focal point above a mantle or on a dining room wall.

 Remember that the frame also affects the impression a mirror leaves on a room. Mirrors in different sizes may have very large, dominant frames or smaller, less visible ones.

Mirror in Living Room

Select a Style

Mirrors also come in a variety of styles, influenced mostly by the shape and frame of the mirror itself. However, some mirrors may have frosted, painted, or distorted glass. The latter, unusual mirrors should be small accents in a room since they'll be less practical.

 An ornate, square, traditional mirror can make a room feel more formal and elegant. If a room feels too restrained and stuffy, try adding a more unique mirror with an unusual frame. A more bohemian mirror will give rooms surprising personality and even turn mirrors into conversation pieces.

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