Good interior design isn't just about impressing others, although it doesn't hurt when your friends and family fall in love with your home. A well-decorated, stylish home also makes you feel more comfortable, and proud to be there every day.

But style tastes change all the time. Suddenly things that were once popular in home decor fall out of fashion and start to look outdated. How do you keep your home fresh without having to pay to redecorate every few years? It's as simple as buying trendy home decor from time to time. Home decor like accent pillows and table centerpieces have a huge impact on a room, so swapping out old decor for newer, stylish pieces can make a huge difference.

So where should you start? These are some unique and stylish decorative pieces that can give any room of your home a fresh look.

New Bedding

Swap out an overstuffed comforter for a simple duvet and arrange new accent pillows for a more comfortable, soothing bedroom. You can go one of two ways with your bedding: clean and simple with a two-color palette, or bohemian and ultra-colorful. Stick to one extreme or the other for stylish fabrics that will center any bedroom.

Potted Plants

Whether or not you believe in the spiritual principles of feng shui, the insistence on placing live plants in every room has some remarkable benefits. Plants lift your mood, make rooms feel more lively, and just make everything a little bit brighter. Fill awkward corners or empty walls with a tall, potted tree and set small plants in fun vases as centerpieces on dining tables, countertops, coffee tables, and desks.

Grand Mirrors

When you find the right home decor, you don't just make rooms feel more colorful and comfortable -- you can actually make them look larger. Hang large mirrors in small rooms for an amazing optical illusion: suddenly the room will feel much larger and brighter as light bounces off of them. Unique statement mirrors can also add an artistic, personality-filled touch to any room.


Oversized Wall Art

Ask any professional decorator how to hang wall art, and they'll likely give you this advice: go bigger. Home decor shops carry colorful and beautifully textured wall art that can make even antique-filled rooms feel more modern, youthful, and fresh. But the key is to go large. Enormous art pieces can fill up a room with personality and are so expressive that you can keep things simple throughout the rest of the room. The effect is especially poignant in foyers and living rooms, where wall-sized art can invite conversation. Can't find a single piece of art large enough to fill a wall? Design a portrait wall with different art pieces in a limited color palette.

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