The dining room is your opportunity to craft a luxurious, elegant space. It’s one of the most important rooms in your home because it should always be staged to impress, whether you’re hosting dinner parties or just enjoying nightly meals with the family. How can you ensure yours is the most beautiful dining room around? The dining table and a nice area rug are important features, but good design actually comes down to the small touches, like these trendy decorative pieces.

Artistic Mirrors

Mirrors are formal, sophisticated touches that are must-haves for any dining room. Hang a large, unique statement mirror above a sideboard or buffet table to add elegance and balance to the room.

Vases and Oversized Arrangements

When it comes to dining table centerpieces, the current trend is toward large pieces that add height and drama. Fill simple vases with long, dramatic arrangements, like cherry blossom branches and long, bare sticks.

Modern Art

Transition design, or the balance between old-fashioned and contemporary features, is the most popular style for modern dining rooms. Hang framed, modern art to balance out traditional dining tables and china cabinets.

Soft Accent Pillows

A contemporary dining room can blend formality and relaxation. Rather than creating a traditional table setting, you can place benches on either side of a long table, then set soft, patterned accent pillows along each bench.

Metal Lamps

Lighting is a must in your dining room. Make sure your dining room has several lighting options, including tall, metallic floor lamps, so you can create different lighting schemes. A metal lamp will contrast handsomely with a wooden dining table.

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