Your home is your castle, and the more you style it to your liking, the more of a home it will be to you. Style your home with your own sense of comfort, individuality, and practicality in mind, and you'll enjoy waking up there every morning.

One of the most classic and beloved pieces in living room design since its invention, the recliner chair is almost synonymous with the privacy of home and utter relaxation. Home furniture shops in your area offer a wide variety of recliner chairs for choosy homeowners like you.

But why should you invest in a recliner? These are the top reasons to visit a home furniture showroom near you and find the recliner that speaks to your heart.

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Not all elegant furniture is comfortable. In fact, some of the most "stylish" furniture today has a stiff, straight back or is made of a flimsy material that's anything but welcoming. Your home is your place of relaxation. Why not be comfortable there?

Recliner chairs are some of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that exist today. Many people who own recliners insist that they're more comfortable than a bed!

Visit a home furniture store near you to test recliner chairs, and you'll surely find the one that's perfect for your body dimensions and your taste in comfort. Do you want a chair that you can sink into and let your day slip away? Or would you prefer a more firm, supportive surface? 


Back ailments are on the rise. In fact, 8 in 10 Americans complain of occasional or chronic back pain. Recliners offer ergonomic support so you can release tension, lie back, and let your pain slip away.

Recliners are also great for people with hip, ankle, or other joint issues because some recliner styles allow you to lie completely back with your feet up. They improve your circulation and support a healthy posture.

Consider a recliner an investment in your own relief and relaxation, especially after a long workout or a hard day on your feet.

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When you shop at a home store for furniture, you might avoid recliners. But recliners aren't exactly what you think they are. If you want more elegant furniture than an overstuffed, oversized recliner, then you're in luck. Recliner chairs come in a variety of styles, including inconspicuous, stylish designs that don't look like recliners at all. They just look like stylish accent chairs that happen to be extremely comfortable, too. You can even add personal touches or customized fabrics to your recliner so that it fits perfectly with your room's design.

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