Your dining room is a special corner of your home. It’s the place where you enjoy family meals, and where you get together at the end of a long day to bond over food. This room also hosts your extended family and friends over special gatherings and joyous occasions. It’s no doubt that a well-furnished and decorated dining room is on everyone’s wish list. Dining rooms are seeing new trends in décor, and some of these styles are easy to adopt.

Trendy dining room furniture makes the room look contemporary and is perfect to give your dining area a fresh look as you step into spring and summer. Read on to learn about the latest décor trends for dining spaces that will make this room more inviting for your family and guests, then, to buy home furniture in Hoschton, GA, head to Cotton Mill Interiors.

Unique Lighting

One of the biggest trends in dining room décor this season is the use of unique lighting fixtures. Traditional crystal chandeliers are being replaced by chandeliers or lamp shades that are made out of unusual materials, such as capiz shells, wicker, or even cutlery like spoons and forks. Asymmetrically shaped lamps are a contemporary design that have a sleek look. For more ornate lighting designs, uniquely shaped lamps and chandeliers in flower design or pendant shapes are popular trends.

Focal Colors

Using accent colors to serve as a focal point for the entire dining space is a trending décor idea that looks extremely stylish. Mix in bright pops of color to complement natural materials and subtle colors. A simple wooden table with bright teal upholstered chairs will make your dining room look vibrant. Add a rugs or curtains in the same shade of teal to enhance the theme of accent colors to your decor. Remember not to go overboard with too much color everywhere in the room; mixing too many bright colors in your décor isn’t a great idea. To create an accent wall in the dining area, use a wallpaper in any attractive color or print of your choice.

Accent chairs

Rustic Look

Refurbished and eco-friendly materials are a trending décor theme, and you can easily include this look in your dining room furniture. A dining table made from an old farmhouse door is a great idea to incorporate this trend, and this unique table will add a rustic charm of the outdoors to your dining area! Lamps and chandeliers made from bamboo, wicker, and straw can be used to complement naturally sustainable décor theme. Charming décor accessories, such as a mirror frame made of recycled wood, will complete this trendy yet elegant look.

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