Your sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you'll own. It's your destination after a long day, to begin a comfortable weekend morning, to entertain friends, and maybe even to take a comfortable nap when you get the chance.

But the problem that some homeowners have with sofas, and all furniture, really, comes down to their pets. Pets can make furniture extremely difficult to maintain. Their sharp claws, destructive tendencies, and fur can all interfere with your desire to own nice, relaxing furniture. What you can do you to reconcile your separate interests in having a pet and having a home that looks like you don't own pets?  Here is a shopping guide for finding pet-friendly sofas at home furniture shops near you.


 Leather can stain, and it changes as it ages, but this could be OK. As your pets interact with a leather sofa, they can scratch it or contribute to a warping in color. However, this gives leather a handsome, aged appearance, and leather ages like fine wine. Shop for home furniture made with genuine leather. Avoid pleather, or artificial leather, because it tears easily and is harder to clean than genuine leather. Semi-aniline leather has a charming appearance and a protective wax coating that prevents staining.


 As a pet owner, you might think that you're limited to buying inexpensive and easily replaceable furniture and home decor. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Investing in good furniture means investing in hardier products that can withstand the abuse that pets put them through. A good, solid sofa should be able to support the weight of you and your large dogs and should be able to handle a little rough handling when your furry friend is playful.

Sofa shopping

Avoid Long Fabrics

 Avoid sofas that have thick, deep-pile fabrics. The tiny loops and threads of these fabrics will hold onto pet stains, which makes them harder to clean. Remember that leather is a superior option. If you want a fabric sofa, though, find a sofa with easy-to-clean upholstery that's washable. Some sofas even come with removable upholstery, so you can wash your cushions from time to time and freshen them up for human company.

Protect Them

 Finally, remember that it's easy to invest in throws and pillows to protect your sofas. Even a good sofa can't handle cat scratches or dog chewing, so it's helpful to cover up flaws and shield your sofas against damage. Cotton Mill Interiors offers home decor and accessories that are high-quality and pet-friendly to boot. Visit their showroom to explore home decor and furniture in Hoschton, GA, that looks great to you and is roomy enough for you to cuddle with your favorite furry pals.