Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation after the long, cold winter. The coming of spring brings excitement of sunny days, floral landscapes in bloom, reactivated wildlife, and crisp air. After the gray monotone palette of the winter months, spring bursts forth with a flourish of pastels and vivid textures that create new energy in the awakening natural world.

Those themes carry over well into home décor in Hoschton, GA, as spring can be a time of renewal when it comes to updating your home’s aesthetics. The season provides a chance to implement lively energy and fresh colors into your home, and those updates can segue into the sunny summer months quite well. You can paint a new portrait on the clean canvas of spring using home décor and accessories in Hoschton, GA. Here are just a few ideas that you can implement into your spring seasonal aesthetic to brighten your home with the energy of spring.

Lighten Up

Spring has an airy aesthetic that is far removed from the drab heaviness of the dark winter months. Therefore, it only makes sense to swap out some of those heavier textures for light, wispy fabrics and brighter tones. Use spring-toned colors to brighten rooms, even if only employed sparingly as accent tones. Take advantage of the vivid spring sunlight by opening windows, drawing back curtains with decorative sashes, or by replacing your curtains with semi-transparent sheers. The more sunlight you can let into your home, the better. You can also use slip covers seasonally to change the look in your home without springing for new furniture every few months. Introducing spring shades goes hand in hand with lighter furniture fabrics, so swap out those fuzzy warm fabrics for smooth, light textures crafted from linen, cotton, or silk.

Embrace Life

The natural world has provided inspiration to designers for centuries because of its depth and beauty. Those same themes can be carried over into your home’s interior décor by embracing natural elements, especially those of a biological nature. Bring a little of the emerging outdoor world inside through your décor choices. Use lighthearted and whimsical fabrics that incorporate wildlife imagery such as birds and bees. While you may think of floral patterns as relics from a bygone era, floral looks used selectively are coming back into vogue. There’s no better time to incorporate some of that natural beauty into your décor. You can do that with fabrics, wallpapers, furniture slipcovers, and even floral centerpieces that mimic the blooms that are common in your location.

Floral centerpiece


Springtime is a season for cleaning and purging out the old, and it provides the perfect time for you to pare down your décor to provide a cleaner, fresher aesthetic. While you may love the pieces you’ve compiled in your collection of décor accessories, spring is a great time to put some of those items in storage to create a cleaner, clutter-free look. Those sharper lines and unobstructed fields of vision will amplify the feeling of light and airiness that you seek to create with other spring design elements, so it only makes sense to make spring cleaning a component in your seasonal décor shift.

By clearing out and updating your home décor accessories in Hoschton, GA, letting in more natural light, and mimicking nature’s rebirth in your fabric and color choices, you can create a perfect springtime aesthetic in your home. To learn more about how to decorate seasonally for spring, visit Cotton Mill Interiors.