Winter in Hoschton, Georgia means at least a few rainy and gloomy days. What better time of year to cheer up your home with new furniture? Even one new accent piece can brighten up a room and tone down the winter doldrums. We’ve put together seven tips for buying new furniture for your home. Get ready for a winter makeover!

Be Sure to Measure

One mistake many shoppers make is not measuring. They fall in love with the perfect living room set only to realize the biggest piece won’t fit. Measure not only the space where you intend to put your new furniture, but also any hallways, stairways, and doors it has to go through. Finally, make sure the pieces you choose fit with the size of the space. You don’t want furniture that’s too bulky for a small space or so small that it gets lost in a huge room.

Care Instructions

Furniture often requires special care. You won’t be able to use a general household cleaner on certain fabrics. The beautiful dining table you purchase may not be able to withstand the heat of a hot dish or pan. When you shop for home furniture living room sets in Hoschton, GA, ask about any special care requirements for each piece. Giving new furniture a little TLC will make it stay beautiful!

Make It Work

Many furniture pieces can serve more than one purpose. Futons work well in your family room for seating, but they can also turn the room into a guest bedroom. Ottomans often come with storage space underneath. When you choose multi-purpose pieces, it’s almost like buying two for the price of one.

Look for Solid Construction

When you look at home furniture for sale in Hoschton, GA, look for pieces that are solid and heavy. Solid wood frames last longer and hold up better when they get heavy use. Don’t forget the cushions. Check the seams and make sure they’re constructed well. Also, make sure you sit on the cushions. Beautiful furniture must be comfortable too. After all, you’re not buying it so that it sits in a corner because no one wants to sit on it.

Choose the Finish Carefully

If you fall in love with a piece of furniture that has exposed wood think about the stain or finish color. You may be able to order a piece with something other than what’s on the showroom floor. Maybe you’ve fallen for a chair that has a traditional cherry finish, but your home has a more contemporary feel. Ask if you can get the chair with a black finish instead.

What about Fabric?

Your design style and the room you plan to put the furniture in both determine the fabric. That splashy floral pattern with bright flowers may not work as well in a family room as it would in a formal living room. Think about the furniture’s purpose. Will it get heavy use because it’s in the room where the family spends the most time together? Darker fabrics usually do better for family rooms because they can take more wear and don’t show stains.

Make It Yours

When choosing the perfect furniture, look for pieces that show your unique personality. You don’t need to fill a room with unusual pieces but one or two that have unique elements will help show off your personal style. Look at the shape and consider something that has an unconventional shape. Find a piece with interesting details that make it stand out. Whatever you choose should be a reflection of you!

Don’t let the grays of winter creep into your home. Visit Cotton Mill Interiors today and let us help you add a splash of spring to your home furnishings.

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