Whether you prefer timeless or trendy home decor in Jefferson, GA, there are plenty of options to choose from. Mixing and matching your furniture can actually be a lot of fun, and it's a great way to share your own unique style while crafting a living space that's entirely your own.

Choosing a Theme

The first step in decorating is always the same: If you don't want a chaotic mishmash of styles, it's always best to select a theme before you begin. The theme or concept doesn't have to be specific. In fact, it's often a good idea to keep it somewhat loose and adaptable. You never know when you'll find a fantastic piece of furniture or elegant home decor in Jefferson, GA, that you absolutely fall in love with. Being too exclusive is a bit limiting, so it's a good idea to allow room for some creativity and variation.

You might go with rustic Americana, or you could prefer industrial and modern. Of course, you're always free to run with a beach theme, or perhaps you want to embrace a more mid-century look. Even broadly generalized themes can work.  For instance, you could stick with neutral colors or choose only items that have high contrast. Checkerboard may even serve as a unifying concept. Whatever theme you choose, be sure it's something you'll enjoy and that allows for a bit of freedom.

Repurposing Pieces

Old can always be new again. Don't be afraid of reusing pieces and finding new ways to incorporate existing furnishings or assets. The piece doesn't even have to maintain its old form. An old coffee table could be reincorporated as a floating bookshelf or cut into coasters. If you can't do that work yourself, you may have a friend or local carpenter who can do the work for you. But you don't have to get that inventive. You can put a chest of drawers in the living room instead of the bedroom, or you could move a corner bookshelf into the kitchen. Finding new places and purposes for already existing furniture is an easy way to give things a fresh new look without needing to acquire additional items.

Color Unity

While mixing and matching, it's easy for the assortment to begin appearing a bit confusing or chaotic. Color is a simple way to unify your furnishings while still allowing you to put together pieces that ordinarily wouldn't seem to belong. A splash of paint can do wonders. It's up to you whether you choose a color that's bold and brash or softer and less stark. Maybe you prefer tan or taupe, or you may think crimson makes for a strong statement. Whatever you choose, it should be a color that you really love and can live with daily.


Enjoying the Contrast

The other option is sharp contrast. This can be color-based, or you could clash materials instead. Metal and wood don't commonly match, and you can certainly make that work for you. While black and white is classic, you could opt for blue and yellow instead. Find something that speaks to you and stick with it.

Putting together unique home decor in Jefferson, GA, isn't as challenging as it sounds. Contact the professionals at Cotton Mill Interiors for advice or recommendations and to pick out the right home decor for your space.