All homeowners eventually want to try something new. Restyling your home is a fun way to bring new life to an existing space, but it's sometimes difficult to know how to get started. There are so many options. Where do you begin? There's actually a lot of fantastic and affordable home decor in Hoschton, GA. With a few tips and tricks, you should have no trouble putting some of it to work for you. 

1. Table Transformation

Do you have an old table, and you aren't sure what to do with it? It can easily be trimmed down and reused as a coffee table. If you don't like that idea, you could transform it into end tables instead. It's not as challenging as it sounds, and it isn't a lengthy project. A single weekend is plenty of time. If you aren't handy with tools, you should be able to find someone who can handle the project. It's a great way to give a second life to an old table. 

2. Arrange a Collection

Are there pictures, mirrors, or artwork scattered around your home? That's not at all uncommon. Arranging those items into a collection is an easy way to create a statement piece and adds something unique to any room. If you have an otherwise bare wall, it's a good way to give it a bit of character and help it to stand out. Don't worry if the frames, colors, styles, or other characteristics seem to clash. A mixed aesthetic only serves to make it even more obvious and gather a bit of attention. 

3. Add Text

Is there a poem or quote that you really love and always remember? Adding a personal touch to your living space is definitely recommended, but sometimes it's not obvious how you can incorporate it into your home. Including text is easy to do, and it's not difficult to remove if you want to erase it and start over or try something else entirely. Text may be added to a mirror or even a wall. Usually, chalk or markers are the safest writing implements. Be sure to try it with a small mark in the corner first, so you can be certain it's erasable. 

4. Patterns

Geometric or floral patterns are great ideas if you want to transform a space, or if you prefer to simply alter one or two key pieces. Whether you'd love to go crazy or would just like to add an accent or two, patterns provide a wonderful way to make it happen. You can use contrasting or complementary colors. Simply keep your overall theme in mind and start small. You always have the option to go bigger and bolder as you progress. Doing too much right away may lead to stylistic regret. 

5. Paint

Paint is one of the most powerful and affordable tools in your decorative arsenal. A small splash of cover paint is a quick and simple way to refresh your interior. If that's not enough, you could overhaul your entire home with a new color scheme. Either way, you should always have color in mind when restyling your home. It's extraordinarily useful. 

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