It's a new year and spring is right around the corner. That means if there's any time to update the look of your home's interior, this is it. Whether you're considering major revamps like a new paint job, new kitchen cabinets, or even taking down a wall, your home's new look will always require fresh new furniture. In fact, the simplest way to dramatically change the style of your home is by visiting a home furniture shop in Jefferson, GA, and picking out some new pieces. Here are some of the latest furniture trends worth considering.

Geometric Patterns

Something we haven't seen in a long time are pieces of furniture with bold geometric patterns. Whether that includes lightly shaded diagonal lines on a sofa or broad Kandinsky-esque works of art or wallpaper, we're seeing more interior designers than ever take chances with this fascinating approach.


Similar — yet opposite — to the geometric approach, incorporating curves into chairs, patterns on carpets, and graphic prints is a fun way to tie a room together. Taken individually, each piece of furniture's curve appeal may not be noticeable, but the effect on an entire room filled with subtle curving lines can be striking.

Metal Accents

Designers are finding more and more clever ways to incorporate metals into their home decorating. Whereas the most prominently placed metal was once rose gold, this year we're seeing a lot of blackened metals, as well as gold and brass. Used in the support structures in tables, or in works of art, metal will appear more sculptural than merely practical.

Metal Accents

Oxidized Oak

Tables, headboards, and cabinets are seeing more oxidized oak than at any time in the past. More earthy and rich than the traditional oak, this darker shade of wood can look either modern or rustic depending on the circumstance, and has the ability to ground a room, allowing the rest of the furniture to play off this dark, comfortable shade.

Boldness Is In

Rooms filled with soft earth tones or different shades of vanilla or off-white will no longer be the industry standard. Instead, look for interior designers to return to big, contrasting patterns and the mixing of different materials and styles. While it may seem jarring at first, skilled designers are able to meld the seemingly opposite styles and colors into a single comfortable theme.

Handcrafted Pieces

In keeping with the boldness theme, look for more designers to rely on individually handcrafted pieces. By moving away from mass-produced standard pieces and towards handmade furniture you can't find anywhere else, homeowners are able to up the boldness and uniqueness in ways they never thought possible.

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