Shopping for furniture online is a relatively recent craze and is becoming an incredibly popular way to shop. Here are the top things that you should know and take into consideration when you're thinking about buying furniture on the Internet.

Accurate Measurements and Descriptions

It's common for people to receive furniture and decor that they've purchased online and being disappointed by its dimensions. Online outlets frequently stage small furniture in deceptive ways to make it look more appropriately scaled than it really is. Thankfully, most online furniture outlets will include dimensions with every product, but it's important that you take this information, then pull out a tape measure and see for yourself what size product you'll actually get. Measure the area that you're looking to fill, then review the measurement descriptions online to ensure it fits.


Do you want to know what a product is actually like? Look for reviews on each product. If you're buying from a major brand, check out reviews on several different online markets before you buy. You can find out if the furniture is actually much smaller than it's staged to look. Some reviews may include comfort and quality issues. Read if the furniture comes assembled or if you have to do it yourself. Another thing to look for is if the furniture is easy or difficult to maintain. Some people have even paid high prices online for furniture only for it to break or tear soon after it arrives, so pay attention to delivery methods as well. It's often better to shop for home furniture at a brick-and-mortar showroom because you can get a feel for the furniture yourself.

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Return Policy

Before you buy online, consider the return policy. Do they accept returns for purchases? Are there tight conditions that you must follow, like only returning furniture that's unused or even unopened? It's also important to find out if you'll get a full refund or only a partial one. You may even have to pay for return shipping, which can be costly if you're returning large furniture like a sofa. A good home furniture store should allow refunds, but online stores can be more limited.

If you would prefer to shop in store for future furniture purchases visit a local home furniture store in Hoschton, GA. See, feel, and experience high-quality furniture from Cotton Mill Interiors. You'll absolutely love your selection, and you'll know you're getting quality before you buy, so there won't be any surprises.