If you want to add a touch of old-fashioned charm, and personality to your home, a few ideas may come to mind. These may include antique and vintage furniture. But it's important to note that these terms don't refer to the same thing. While some online furniture stores will gladly combine search results for each term—along with "traditional" or "retro"—these terms refer to different types of furniture.

So what's the difference and why does it matter? You'll actually get a very different experience, and possibly a different look, from each. Here's how to tell the difference between antique and vintage furniture, and advice on which may be right for you.


Antique furniture is used furniture that was produced in earlier times. If you shop for home furniture for sale in antique shops, you should expect to find pieces that are from a long time ago and look old-fashioned.

It's important to note that not everything "old" can be considered antique. This term is given to objects that are 100 years old, or older. A true antique store should offer a certificate with each antique in their possession that proves its age, or at least an approximate date of production. They should also offer information about where something was made, and even notable previous owners of each antique.

Antiques are available in authentic styles that simply aren't produced nowadays, like the Art Deco and Queen Anne styles. While antiques are authentic and old-fashioned, they can also be in less stable condition than new furniture and can come with outrageous price tags. Some people are willing to pay thousands for a single piece of furniture because of its history, but this isn't practical for most homeowners.

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"Vintage" is a more flexible term than "antique," and it is likely the term that people intend to use when they refer to older furniture. However, something should ideally be 20 years older or more in order to be considered vintage. It would be strange to refer to something produced in 2001 as vintage, since this is fairly recent, and design and furniture styles haven't changed as drastically in such a short amount of time. Every 20 years or so, though, an old-fashioned style will become popular again or will look pleasantly traditional.

Remember that vintage furniture isn't "retro" furniture. Many people also confuse these terms when referring to older furniture. However, vintage furniture was actually produced in the past, whereas retro furniture is current, but styled after an old-fashioned aesthetic. Many home furniture stores offer furniture that's retro because it resembles more traditional designs, even if it's brand-new.

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